Choleric winner
Cholerics win

The term “choleric” is very descriptive in terms of a distinctive personality type, and knowing what is choleric behavior and traits will help you in your relationships with this strong temperament type.

To find out what your personality type is, you can use this 5-minute online test. Detailed information on all 4 types will be found in this blog – Choleric attributes in this post, and there are links for the other 3 types at the bottom of this post.

Introvert or Extrovert?

Choleric individuals are EXTROVERTS, the same as Sanguine people. The main difference between these two temperaments is that Cholerics don’t talk quite as much as Sanguines, although they are by no means quiet. They ALWAYS speak with a purpose, not just for the sake of talking.

Distinguishing Positive Qualities

Natural leadership ability: If you always naturally step up to the plate and take the lead role without being asked, and without hesitation, you are most likely a Choleric. Born with leadership qualities, this is a role you feel most comfortable with, and are unafraid of. You can run anything!

Active and Energetic: you are a dynamic individual who moves quickly and you are decisive and strong willed. You are not easily discouraged.

Need to crusade: you have a compulsive need to change things and correct wrongs wherever you see them, and you motivate others to action. You are unemotional and goal orientated, rather than people orientated, and you always get the job done.

You are independent and self-sufficient: you rarely ask for, or accept, help from others. You seem to always know the answers, and are good at providing practical solutions to problems.

Competitive Choleric
Cholerics achieve the impossible

Fiercely competitive: You thrive on competition and opposition, and don’t take losing easily. You are a great organizer and delegate tasks well.

Exuding confidence: you are a world-beater and you WILL find a way to do everything!

What other personalities love about you:

  • Your take-charge personality. You always know what to do in an emergency and bring order to the chaos. You make a decision and stick with it, whilst others are floundering around.
  • The fact that you get the job done. Others would want to be on your project team as they could be sure that it would be successfully completed, on time, and that they would share in the rewards (a good grade, new business contract or whatever the reward was).
  • Your confidence. Others marvel at your can-do attitude, and your confidence in your own abilities to achieve whatever you set your mind to achieve.
Positive Choleric Traits
What is Choleric: Positive Traits


Strong-willed child and high-achieving teenager

Ruler of the sandpit

Even as a baby, your temperament was easy to identify! You may well have come out of the womb with angry cries, and as an infant and small child, you left no one uncertain of your needs. You screamed loudly and were prone to temper tantrums to get your needs met, and often ruled your siblings (of different temperaments) with an iron fist.

You ruled the sandpit, and organized everyone into teams of your choosing. You were never afraid to state your opinion or ask questions in class, and were often the child that your teacher left in charge when she stepped out of the classroom.

Did not care for popularity stakes

Because you are so self-sufficient, you had little need of friends, and have never been one to seek others out, unless it was for a specific purpose, although you did work well in a team to achieve a common goal. You despised meaningless small talk and socialization efforts, and were happy working on your own projects.

You were a high-achiever at school, both academically and sports-wise or culturally, depending on what you decided you wanted to do. Most likely the class monitor, prefect or student council leader elected by your peers who recognized your innate leadership abilities, you were never afraid to take on a cause and speak out about student issues. You were very likely the top student (or close to it), and everyone knew your name for your accomplishments.

You are probably the one personality type who was not phased about school socials or the senior prom. You may even have debated as to whether it was worth your time or not, but when you decided to go, you pulled out all the stops! You looked amazing, and everyone knew you were there.

What other temperament types don’t love about your choleric personality – and why you should care.

Precisely the attitude you had when you read this title (I don’t care if they like it or not!) is why you should read on:

  • You are the least likely person to win friends, but you may well influence people – from afar! If you score highly on the choleric trait continuum, your arrogant and superior attitude will drive people away.
  • People may navigate themselves out of your grasp if at all possible, unless they are forced to be there because of work, or they may be family.
  • You may have a harsh and unyielding attitude, and you certainly don’t suffer fools gladly as you are impatient as well. You are a task-orientated person, and don’t handle people well.
    Choleric leadership
    Choleric boss
  • You are emotionless, and may seem less than human. As a boss, you will brilliantly lead your company or division to record-breaking heights, but at a human cost. You may drive other personalities away as you are not high on tact or diplomacy – you call a spade a spade!
  • You speak harshly to others of a softer temperament which is damaging to them (something which you wouldn’t have batted an eye to may crush a sensitive individual).
  • People who work for you will be unhappy and try to get away if possible – beware of a high staff turnover in your area. They are afraid of you, and comply out of fear and not because they respect you. You don’t inspire loyalty unless it’s out of fear.
  • You are likely to be a workaholic and struggle to relax, and you exert the same type of pressure on others.
  • You don’t take well to the leadership of others as you want to be in control, and often don’t consider the ideas of others to be of value.
  • You may look down on people you consider to be less smart than you are. You may pick fights with others because you know you will win.
    Choleric Bad Traits
    What is Choleric: Negative Traits

In conclusion

As a choleric personality, you have amazing strengths which run the world. You get things done! You are an awesome leader! Don’t shoot yourself in the foot by ignoring the few things it would take to make you super-awesome as a person in the eyes of others (I know, I know…you don’t care!).

However, it would ultimately be to your benefit which is something you do care about – brush up on your people skills.

Count to 10 before erupting in anger. Lower your tone, shouting closes the ears of the other temperament types. Admit that you do have some faults and learn to apologize – that is a CHALLENGE for you – you accept challenges!

Can you recognize these traits in yourself and others? Remember that there are often blends of the four types which may soften harsh aspects, or give you the best of both types.

What do you see as the greatest strengths and weaknesses of this powerful individual? Feel free to comment and share your perspective!

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