Here you will find resources, information and encouragement dedicated to
fitness for women over 50. Although one can find much information online for women in general, there does not seem to be many resources available for the very special ladies who have negotiated through life to the station called MIDLIFE.

Why special? Well, you have gone through a lot to get here. You’ve survived childhood and the turbulent teens – remember the heartbreak and angst of those days – and moved along. You have negotiated the paths and pitfalls of young adulthood, with a lot of life decisions (and consequences of those decisions) chalked up to experience.

 Age of many changes

And here we are. Although Wikimedia defines midlife as between the ages of 45 and 64 years, there is something about turning 50 which is life-changing. This is the age of re-evaluating your life. For some of you, this may be the first full 5 minutes to yourself after the busy years of mothering and setting up a home. Only joking, but it may seem like it!  You may also have been building up a career, sometimes at the same time as building up a home, and growing healthy children. Some of you may also be invested in marriage.

So you see, you are a Superwoman of note! A busy life with little time to yourself. Something has to give. Something has to be sacrificed. Very likely, it has been your fitness and maybe even your health. At this point, you feel somewhat worn out and used up. You wonder if you’ll ever find YOU again – the carefree girl who dreamed of a wonderful life filled with adventure and love. The life where you looked and felt like a movie star. Now you feel like a faded and worn out version of yourself, perhaps even a bigger-sized version than you’d like.

You don’t realize it yet, but you are facing the best years of your life! Yep, I know you don’t believe me, but you will see all the many reasons that these years can be the best ever.

Fitness is not just about your body

When we think of fitness, most people tend to think in terms of physical fitness only. That is the most obvious understanding of it. However, fitness can also mean your capacity for doing a role or a task, or thriving in another area of your life. We are made up of body, soul and spirit, not just body. The “body” aspect has to do with health, fitness and nutrition. The “soul” aspect has to do with your personality, interests, talents and skills. What makes you uniquely you! Is your soul fit? And the “spirit” aspect has to do with the indefinable, eternal you. Are you spiritually fit? You are like a diamond with many facets, honed to beauty by going through (the fires) of life.

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