Night Sweats and Menopause – Sleepless Nights

A very insidious effect experienced by up to 75% of women are night sweats after menopause. This sneaky effect causes sleepless nights, and if you’re like me, you become an insomniac, prowling the house at night, unable to get back to sleep once awake. You may toss and turn, trying in vain to sleep, eventually giving up in frustration, and perhaps like me, beginning a VERY early work day in my home study, or doing chores whilst trying not to wake the household…


The aggravating thing is if you know that you really need to sleep as you have a heavy day ahead of you, and you are VERY tired, and you just cannot sleep. I find this very frustrating.

Night sweats are the result of hormonal changes in your body during peri-menopause or menopause, and are experienced as an intense flood of heat which makes you uncomfortable and wakes you up. Once awake, you may be too uncomfortable to fall asleep, as you may have soggy night clothes or sheets. It may require you to actually change your pajamas and bedclothes. Continue reading “Night Sweats and Menopause – Sleepless Nights”