A very insidious effect experienced by up to 75{4752b4f7cdc1cced47de2e38937cbec855039ef9c1dad868d4c3c0a9d84a3c6c} of women are night sweats after menopause. This sneaky effect causes sleepless nights, and if you’re like me, you become an insomniac, prowling the house at night, unable to get back to sleep once awake. You may toss and turn, trying in vain to sleep, eventually giving up in frustration, and perhaps like me, beginning a VERY early work day in my home study, or doing chores whilst trying not to wake the household…


The aggravating thing is if you know that you really need to sleep as you have a heavy day ahead of you, and you are VERY tired, and you just cannot sleep. I find this very frustrating.

Night sweats are the result of hormonal changes in your body during peri-menopause or menopause, and are experienced as an intense flood of heat which makes you uncomfortable and wakes you up. Once awake, you may be too uncomfortable to fall asleep, as you may have soggy night clothes or sheets. It may require you to actually change your pajamas and bedclothes.

What can you do to keep cooler and sleep once again?

Keep cold water at your bedside and keep hydrated. If course, this may lead to you having to visit the bathroom and thus you cannot sleep. If you are affected in this way, it is best to just sip cold water.

Use cotton or bamboo bedclothes or pajamas. Did you know that your sleep clothes and bed linen can make your sleeplessness and discomfort so much worse, as some types of fabric drape and cling, and draw heat towards your body?

Now is the time to invest in some cooling bed linen. The best sheets for night sweats should be between 200 to 400 thread, and preferably made from cotton or bamboo.

Cotton sheets are a breathable fabric and so keep moisture away from your body, which is of course what you need when suffering from night sweats. Choosing cotton sheets in light colors will also reflect, rather than absorb the light so are a better choice for this situation.

Another great option is to purchase bamboo sheets which are softer and more comfortable than cotton sheets. This is a great option as it is “green”, hypoallergenic and cool, with moisture wicked away from your body so that you can rest peacefully at night.

Other fabrics tend to draw the heat towards you, making you sweat even more and ensuring that you have a sweaty and sleepless night:(

To go with your cool sheets, you may wish to feel like a princess (what woman doesn’t?) in your pure cotton, Victorian-style sleep shirt. I absolutely love this, it’s both feminine and comfy! You also get shorter versions, also stocked by Amazon, which you will see as options when you’re in Amazon.

If these measures don’t help you get a decent night’s sleep and escape from the night sweats, you may wish to go one (or two) steps further:

Buy a cooling mattress topper which will help keep the heat away from your body at night – I did not know such relief existed – and a pillow which draws the heat away from your face such as this one.

All else failing, did you know that even the mattress you sleep on can attract heat from your body and add to your sleep discomfort, or it can repel your body heat by using a memory foam cool gel mattress?

Hopefully, you will find some information to assist you here with the type of products available – no more suffering in silence! Please drop me a line and let me know what works for you to control the night sweats.