The dream of working from home

If working from home is something you’ve always dreamed of, you may have been wondering what to pick, and if you could really make money from it. You may be tired of the corporate grind, or you’re simply done with working for a boss!

Unreasonable boss
Demanding Boss

Maybe you have not worked outside your home for years, after raising children and running a home. For people over 50 years of age, this may be more likely than the younger generations. Expectations of women were different for those born in the 1960’s and earlier.  Staying at home to raise your children was more of a norm than it is today, and many women never returned to the workplace afterward. Those who did want to may have found it difficult to get decent employment after a long break.

Work from home jobs that are not scams

Perhaps you are wondering about the existence of work from home jobs that are not scams? We all know that there are plenty of those around! Sadly, many of us have fallen victim to these online charlatans and scammers. Outrageous claims of riches to be earned with little money, time or effort, in fact, anything that sounds too good to be true usually is!

Scam signs
Work from home jobs that are not scams

Truth be told, if you are keen to work from home there are a few options you can choose and avoid being scammed. Some may not be entirely free, but you can use many of your own resources and save money. You can set up a small business to run from your home. You are the boss, you can set your own times and use the skills you have gained and that you enjoy! Some ideas are:

Baking or cooking from home

If spending time in the kitchen appeals to you, and you have a fitted kitchen which can cope with larger volumes of productivity than simple family fare, this may be your dream work from home opportunity.

Home Baking
Baking at home for orders

Perhaps you are a baker of note and are renowned amongst your family and friends for your apple pie, brownies or tiramisu. You can share the deliciousness further afield in your community! Put out the word on community noticeboards, newspapers and social media groups. Let your existing fans spread the word. Many people are happy to pay for fresh, not commercially mass-produced confectionary.

You could specialize in catering for events, or even baking specialty cakes if you have the skill. Most people live fast-paced lives and do not have the skill or time to do this. You can offer various add-ons like delivery within a certain radius or decor elements like colored paper plates and paper napkins. This may be useful for an office event or children’s party.

Make money from your crafty skills

Perhaps you have skills or a passion for making crafty or handmade items? This could be from years of sewing dance or concert costumes, or from making all your home decor items which draw admiring comments from your friends. In a fast-paced world where many women have never learned to sew, knit or crochet, you can use these skills to put money in your pocket!

If you are skilled at sewing and have a good quality sewing machine, you can sew prom dresses, offer to sew costumes for a dance studio or do alterations for costumes which don’t fit.

If you enjoy a hobby such as jewelry-making and you have the required tools, you can make and sell items further afield than just your friends and family. You can make to order jewelry items for weddings or proms.

Beaded jewelry
Making money with crafts – jewelry making

You can try your hand at almost anything that you are passionate about and have some skill in.

Business-related skills

If you have finely-tuned business skills, can type up a storm and have great English language (or your home language) skills, you can offer your services as a Virtual Assistant and work from your own home office if you have the equipment. Many opportunities exist for this online. You can try Fiverr or Upwork amongst others. Rates vary widely, but the more skills you can offer the better the pay.

My reservation with using these online platforms is that you may struggle to get work competing against people from all over the world who offer their services at unrealistically low prices. At Fiverr, you create a profile and offer your services, and then it can be a long wait before anyone contacts you ( that was my experience but it may be different for you). With Upwork, you create a profile and then bid on advertised jobs on the platform in the hopes of winning the bid. Just be careful of using too many credits (they give you free credits to bid for jobs in their free option), as if you bid on too many jobs you qualify for but you don’t happen to win (through no fault of your own), they will suspend your account immediately and that’s the end of that!

Making money from freelance writing

If writing is your passion (as it is mine!), and you have great English skills and can turn a phrase or two, you may have an opportunity to make money from it. The only thing you need here is a good laptop, your notepad for ideas, your imagination, and your great writing skills!

writing by hand
Freelance writing

You can offer your services on Fiverr and Upwork again in freelance writing categories, but they are not my favorites as mentioned already. Although I made money, the amount of output you produce in time and effort far outweighs the rewards. Again, your experience may be different from mine. Perhaps you’ll be more successful than me at writing bid proposals 🙂

My favorite platform at the moment for selling my writing is Constant Content. This platform is disliked by many as they take a hefty 35% commission for any of your work sold on their platform! That being so, I like them for the following reasons:

They are a trusted resource for many website owners and online businesses. This is because Constant Content only accepts work of good quality, and they have strict guidelines. You have to submit a writing sample with your online application on a subject of their choice, and it has to be approved before you are accepted.

You are thus not competing with people who have poor English skills (English is their second or third language), and so you can charge better rates than the content mills like Upwork and Fiverr. (Most of my articles have sold at around $100 for around 870 to 1000 words. In the content mills, you have to charge much lower to be competitive and the buyers seem more concerned with cheap rather than quality! There is no quality control).

If you are new to writing and do not yet have an audience to sell your work to, Constant Content is a good option. When you submit an article, it undergoes a review by an editor before it is accepted. If it is unacceptable, they give you some suggestions for improvements and you can resubmit once done.

You set the amount you want to charge for your article (they give you some guidelines and ranges which is helpful), and you can factor in the Constant Content commission.

You also get to choose the topics you want to write about, they do not dictate this to you. You can write about anything that you are knowledgeable or passionate about! This is a huge boon to me, and I love writing about what I want to write about!

Once you are established and have a client base, you may decide that the commission is too steep and give it a miss, but it is a good start to launch your writing career. It is great to get an email saying “Your article has been sold!”

Blogging to make money from the internet

This may be something you’ve heard a lot about. Blogging is a popular choice for many who want to make money online. You may have avoided this option up to now because you don’t know where to start. Perhaps you feel that you won’t know what to blog about? Simply anything that you are interested in or know a little about can become food for your blog!

Your own blog

You can share your experiences and insights with the world…if you have a wonderfully neat and tidy home, you may be able to start a blog on organizing your home. If you own sixteen cats and love everything cat-related, you can blog on cats! If you have 8 amazing grandchildren and are an expert granny, you could blog about being a grandmother and what it means to you! Once you have a blog up and running, there are several ways to earn money from it.

How to make a free website

However, before you can blog, you need to have your own website. That is a daunting prospect to those of us who were born before the age of technology! You may feel that you have absolutely no idea where to begin and be a little afraid to begin.

Laptop for blogging
A blogger needs a good laptop

You may also feel that it is too expensive. Apart from a decent laptop, you will need a good hosting platform and a training course to teach you how to develop an online business. I have great news for you! You can have not one, but two totally free websites to begin developing your blogs. Not just any websites either, they are WordPress websites of the best quality! In addition, you get free lessons on how to begin developing your sites, and there is step-by-step support from the developers and the large community of users. I get such satisfaction from the community of experts and feel like I learn something new every day, and learning new things is another passion of mine!

This is the very same platform I got started on, as a total “dummy” in terms of website development with NO technical skills at all! This website is one that I’ve built from a clueless position, and I’ve had the time of my life doing it!

website building
How to make a free website

Benefits of having your own website

If your aim is to make money online, or even with your own small business like mentioned above, each one of those options needs and will benefit greatly from a website! 

You can advertise your passionate interest in baking on your very own site and offer free recipes and tips to your potential customers, sell your crafts online, even to overseas markets (how exciting!), or advertise your business or freelance writing skills online to potential customers.

If you’re interested in building your own WordPress website from a trusted platform for free (even 2 of them), you have nothing to lose by giving it a try! I’m confident that you will be as intrigued and love it as much as I do:)

There are options to work from home if you are willing to put in time and effort. Nothing good comes for free! You can start part-time in some of them (building your own site is particularly conducive to this), and earn some extra cash to supplement your day job if you have one, with a view to scaling up and perhaps going full-time as the need arises.

You CAN use your interests and experience to earn some extra cash. Start today!