The question is “what is spiritual fitness?” It is perhaps a rather strange and foreign term. Not something you may often think about.

What is your spirit, firstly? Is it the same as your soul? Many people think that spirit and soul are one and the same thing. Not so.

What is spiritual wellness (or spiritual fitness?)

Your spirit is an important part of your being, without which you absolutely cannot live, and it is the least understood aspect of a human being.

It is your very essence, your life force. Without it, your body cannot live!

Think of it this way: watching a show you greatly enjoy on TV – the TV is a physical entity (body) and is capable of entertaining us and giving us joy (soul – personality, likes, interests). If the TV is not connected to electrical power or plugged in (the spirit), it is dead and it cannot give us joy.

If you have no life-force (spirit), you would be dead, and your sparkling personality and gorgeous body would make no difference at all! The spirit does not think or feel (soul), but without it you are dead.

Every living human being has a spirit, or else they would be dead. Not everyone, however, thinks about it like that.

How on earth can we be spiritually fit, if it is an intangible thing that we cannot touch or feel?

My perspective

I can address this question from my own perspective and belief system, which is the Judeo-Christian viewpoint.

You may have another perspective or perhaps have never thought about it. Whatever your perspective may be, the fact is that we all are partially a “spirit-being”.

When our time on earth is done, our body dies and returns from whence it came (ashes to ashes, dust to dust), our soul (personality, attitudes, beliefs, talents etc.) is no more, and our spirit (life-force) returns to whence it came from, in my belief system that is God.

My belief is that our spirit belongs to God. He puts the breath of life into every human being. We get to live our life, in our physical body, with our soul until it is time for our time on earth to end. Our eternal spirit then returns to our Maker.

I hope that at least this has given you some food for thought. The purpose of this page is to point out the fact that you do have a spirit, a life-essence within you.

It is the responsibility of each of us to explore what that means, and what impact it has on our lives.

For me, that means to develop a relationship with the God of the universe, as my spirit will one day return to Him. I don’t want to be a stranger to Him and hear Him say one day, “I never knew you; depart from Me, you who practice lawlessness!” (Matthew  7:23). 

What a fit spirit means for you

Besides the above, there is great joy and peace in having a relationship with God.

I believe that every living one of us has a “God-shaped” vacuum or space inside of us, which can only be filled by having a relationship with Him.

You will know of many wealthy, successful and powerful people in the world who are so unhappy and empty, even though they have everything going for them. They have everything the world has to offer and know (or choose to know) nothing of God.

They buy huge piles of expensive stuff to plug up the hole inside of them, or have many broken relationships littered behind them, or have substance-abuse problems or are suicidal. The same is true of ordinary people…

Beautiful lady, you owe it to yourself to nurture the third part of your being, your spirit. That is the way to get the most out of life and have a “fit” spirit.

You alone will know about the emptiness I speak of in your own life. Find out for yourself.

Everything you have been through in your life had a purpose and has led you to where you are now. Not a single tear you have ever shed was unseen by God, whether you have chosen Him or not.

Your spirit is the eternal part of the essence of you. It is vitally important!

I will be posting some resources regarding nurturing your spirit on this site.

Again, feel free to contact me on if you’d like further information.