What is fitness of the soul? Interesting question! Firstly, it is important to understand what the soul actually is. What is the soul made up of? And how does your soul affect your daily life?

You are made up of body, soul and spirit. You are not a one-dimensional being, consisting only of a body, which is what can be seen, and the easiest aspect of a human being to recognize. Here you can see size, shape and characteristics of your body. What you eat has an impact. Your lifestyle has an impact on your physical body. These are tangible things. The soul is different.

What is the soul made of? 

Your soul is both tangible and intangible. Your soul is that unique part of you which makes you into the person you are. It is your personality, will, emotions, likes, interests, grooming and style, talents, attitudes, behavior, dislikes, passions, traits and so on. It comes from inside of you and is shaped by many things, like genetics, environment, circumstances, worldview, culture, religion, relationships, and opportunities.

Although we cannot “see” your personality, what can be seen are certain traits and behavior of your personality

Although we cannot “see” your personality, what can be seen are certain traits and behavior of your personality. If you are moody or “deep”, we see those aspects of your soul. If you are outgoing or caring, those aspects can be seen. If you sing like a rock star or have green fingers, we can see that. If you are a passionate football supporter but dislike hockey, that is a part of your unique soul. Your likes, interests and personality determine your shopping and learning behavior.  If you have an arrogant attitude and are selfish, those traits are evident in your behavior towards others, and you may wonder why you have few friends. Soul aspects of you determine your ability to have and retain healthy relationships.

Unique, amazing you!

Your soul is what adds interest to your physical body, and it is unique to you. There is no one else on this entire planet who is exactly like you! Some may share genetics, certain characteristics, attitudes and beliefs, but NO ONE else in the universe has the exact, same soul as you. You have something special to offer, beautiful, wise and mature lady! The world needs your input for balance in these crazy times we live in!

There is a verse in the Bible, Psalm 139:14 which sums YOU up perfectly: “…I am wonderfully and fearfully made”. Even if you are unfamiliar with this, or believe something else, it is beautifully put.

Our challenge in life is not only to care for our bodies, but to develop every aspect of our soul to its fullest potential. This develops the fitness of our souls. We will explore what is good for the soul in this website and blog posts on an ongoing basis.

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