What is Phlegmatic: The Calm and Friendly Negotiator of World Peace

Knowing what is Phlegmatic as it relates to a personality type will lead you to one word above all. This person will always be described as a NICE person by the other personality types. How do you know what type of personality you have? You can try this free online test to get your basic temperament type, and then read the resources on this blog for greater detail.

The overview of the 4 personality type model is explained here in a less intellectual and easy to understand way! This post puts the spotlight on the Phlegmatic personality traits. Find links for the other personality types at the end of this post.

Relaxed Phlegmatic
Relaxed Phlegmatic Personality

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What is Melancholy: Creative Genius with a Sensitive Soul

Lonely Melancholy
Melancholy Personality enjoys solitude

What exactly does melancholy mean? It may be a word you’ve heard many times before, especially if you read a lot – and it describes one of the four major temperament types dating back to the time of Hippocrates (460-370 BC).

Knowing the 4 temperament types and their major traits will help you understand them (and yourself) better. This will lead to better relationships and getting the outcomes you want. Try this 5 minute online personality test to find out what type you are!

This post explores the Melancholy temperament in more detail. you will find links to the other 3 types at the end of the post.

Introvert or Extrovert?

Melancholy people are one of the two INTROVERT personalities in the 4 temperament theory of personality. If you are an extrovert, you will not be predominantly a Melancholy, but you may be blended with the extrovert Choleric personality, or less likely, the extrovert Sanguine personality. Continue reading “What is Melancholy: Creative Genius with a Sensitive Soul”

What is Choleric: The Dynamic Competitor & Righter of Wrongs

Choleric winner
Cholerics win

The term “choleric” is very descriptive in terms of a distinctive personality type, and knowing what is choleric behavior and traits will help you in your relationships with this strong temperament type.

To find out what your personality type is, you can use this 5 minute online test. Detailed information on all 4 types will be found in this blog – Choleric attributes in this post, and there are links for the other 3 types at the bottom of this post.

Introvert or Extrovert?

Choleric individuals are EXTROVERTS, the same as Sanguine people. The main difference between these two temperaments is that Cholerics don’t talk quite as much as Sanguines, although they are by no means quiet. They ALWAYS speak with a purpose, not just for the sake of talking. Continue reading “What is Choleric: The Dynamic Competitor & Righter of Wrongs”

What is Sanguine: The Entertaining Life and Soul of the Party

Fun Sanguines
Sanguine Fun-loving personality

Sanguine – the Fun personalityAs a Sanguine personality, one of the 4 temperament types, you will be very interested to know what makes you and others tick!  What is Sanguine and what is not Sanguine can be determined by this simple online test. The test takes about 5 minutes, and when you return here, this post will give you greater insight into traits of the exciting Sanguine personality.

If you are one of the other types, you will find links at the bottom of this post for detailed information on your type.

Are you an Extrovert or an Introvert?

Sanguine’s are always EXTROVERT. If you are not an extrovert personality, your primary temperament will not be Sanguine. This is the most outgoing of all 4 personality types! Continue reading “What is Sanguine: The Entertaining Life and Soul of the Party”

The Traits of Baby Boomers : Differences between Early Boomers and Generation Jones

Always thought that you were a Baby Boomer? Well maybe, maybe not…

Baby Boomers are those people born between 1946 and 1964, according to the original classification. The term ” Baby Boomer” is self-explanatory and refers to a huge increase in births post World War II when the economic upturn led to increased. optimism for the future.  So the population and the economy were both “booming”.

The Boomers born in the latter half (1955-1965) are also known as Generation Jones or Generation II Boomers. They are the people currently between the ages of 53 and 62 years old in 2017.

The split in the original Boomer group was first mentioned as “Generation Jones” by author Jonathan Pontell, and the term implies a sense of expectation to “keep up with the Joneses” (the early Boomers), with respect to the opportunities and prosperity they experienced following WWII. Continue reading “The Traits of Baby Boomers : Differences between Early Boomers and Generation Jones”