Your Choice of Dignified or Daring this Summer with the Best Swimsuits for Older Women!

Will those who love swimsuit shopping please stand up?

Anyone over 18 years old, I mean:) Aha…thought so! Not many of you!

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Swimsuit and summer items

Summer is arriving (in the Northern Hemisphere at least), and that means days of lazy sunshine, blue skies and summer holidays! It also means that swimsuit season is upon us, and finding the best swimsuits for women over 50, or indeed for a woman of any age, is a daunting prospect.

The mere thought of searching through racks of swimsuits in the stores, looking at minuscule pieces of fabric without shape or form, having no idea of what it will look like on a normal human body (and not a fairy!), and struggling to find a style and size you like, can be  a less than pleasant experience… Continue reading “Your Choice of Dignified or Daring this Summer with the Best Swimsuits for Older Women!”

The Midlife Crisis in Women: The Search for Meaning in Your Life

Midlife crisis. What exactly is it? And doesn’t it only happen to men? Men who start losing weight, dressing fancy and chasing younger women on their new Harley Davidson that the family budget can’t afford? Sadly, this is a misconception, and women can, and do, experience what is known as the “midlife crisis”. It is merely a transition from young adulthood to midlife.

It may or may not end up being an actual crisis (depending on the decisions you end up making and your ability or inability to cope with life), but it certainly leads to deep soul-searching for both men and women. The search for meaning in your life, when you compare where you are at midlife to where you expected to be.

Men experience a drop in testosterone which may lead to a calming down effect and a softening of emotions, but it may also cause them to fear aging, losing attractiveness to the opposite sex (hence the Harley), a fear of not having attained the goals they set for themselves, and a fear of illness and death. 

Continue reading “The Midlife Crisis in Women: The Search for Meaning in Your Life”

The Traits of Baby Boomers : Differences between Early Boomers and Generation Jones

Always thought that you were a Baby Boomer? Well maybe, maybe not…

Baby Boomers are those people born between 1946 and 1964, according to the original classification. The term ” Baby Boomer” is self-explanatory and refers to a huge increase in births post World War II when the economic upturn led to increased. optimism for the future.  So the population and the economy were both “booming”.

The Boomers born in the latter half (1955-1965) are also known as Generation Jones or Generation II Boomers. They are the people currently between the ages of 53 and 62 years old in 2017.

The split in the original Boomer group was first mentioned as “Generation Jones” by author Jonathan Pontell, and the term implies a sense of expectation to “keep up with the Joneses” (the early Boomers), with respect to the opportunities and prosperity they experienced following WWII. Continue reading “The Traits of Baby Boomers : Differences between Early Boomers and Generation Jones”

Heart Attack Symptoms For Women Over 50 – Risks of Menopause

If you’ve always thought of heart disease as being a disease suffered by elderly, beer-bellied, chain-smoking and stress imbued men, think again! These days, one of the demographic groups hardest hit by heart disease is that of menopausal women. As if you don’t already have enough to deal with at this time of life – what with the hot flashes, the hair loss, the depression and the night sweats…

Bye Bye Estrogen…Hello Heart Disease

It seems that with the loss of estrogen during menopause, the door is opened to factors which lead to increased heart disease. This is why younger women before menopause do not face the same risks of heart disease – they still have increased stores of estrogen. Estrogen then, in effect, is a protection against heart disease. Bummer for menopausal women:( Continue reading “Heart Attack Symptoms For Women Over 50 – Risks of Menopause”

The Best Arm Exercises For Women – No Gym Needed

When summer comes around, and the sun is high in the sky, the jackets come off and the short-sleeved tops come out, it’s time to display your arms for all the world to see. The arms that have been covered up for the whole of winter, pale and…Oh No! What have we here? Could there be…might there be…some “chicken wings?” Or “bat wings?”. One thing is for sure, you’d rather keep them covered. 🙁 Not for long. Let’s take a look at the best arm exercises for women, and the best part – you don’t need a gym membership to get toned arms! Continue reading “The Best Arm Exercises For Women – No Gym Needed”

The Fitbit Charge 2 Review You’ve Been Waiting For

The Personal Trainer on your arm

If you’ve decided that now is the time to revitalize your fitness regime (or maybe you’re awesome and are already in a great fitness routine!), the Fitbit Charge 2 review could help you enlist the support you need – besides a great personal trainer I mean:) This is a personal trainer that you can wear on your arm, and it will help you enormously in your quest to regain or maintain optimal fitness. Continue reading “The Fitbit Charge 2 Review You’ve Been Waiting For”

The Best Shoes For Problem Feet – Finding Running Shoes With A Wide Toe Box

Foot pain anyone?

As you age, there is a chance that one or another type of foot problem will occur. Sometimes it’s a genetic problem that many family members have, sometimes it’s a lifestyle problem, like too many years of wearing narrow shoes and high heels, and sometimes it’s simply due to your “advancing” years, and wear and tear on the body. Nonetheless, it can be frustrating searching for the best running shoes for women with bunions! The same thing applies if you have flat feet or hammer toes…As for me, I have always loved my neat little feet, but now I see the beginnings of a bunion on my right foot, and sometimes, when I first put my feet on the floor in the morning, I hobble a little. Sounds like Plantar Fasciitis. Sigh.

You may have always bought shoes for style, not comfort. Now you need shoes with a wide toe box and extra padding which does not hurt your sore feet. Nothing worse than sore feet – the pain is evident on your face:( Continue reading “The Best Shoes For Problem Feet – Finding Running Shoes With A Wide Toe Box”

What Is a Treadmill Desk – Review Of the Pro’s And Con’s

One of the biggest problems facing women today is a lack of time. There never seems to be enough time to do all you need to do in one day, let alone find the time to exercise. You know you should, you even feel guilty – and you are not happy with your lack of fitness or your weight, but what to do? The answer for you may well be an office treadmill workstation.

A treadmill desk is exactly that – a treadmill with a desk area where you can put your laptop, phone, and other working essentials, and instead of sitting for hours on end, you walk (very slowly) whilst you do your work. Even though it is slow, the calories burn off gradually, which would not happen if you were seated all day.

The very real dangers of sitting too much

There is an avalanche of studies to prove the dangers of sitting too much. Our modern lifestyle is killing us slowly, and leading to poorer quality of life, even though modern medicine keeps us alive for longer. Seems so sad to me:( You may have heard the phrase coined by Dr James Levine of the Mayo Clinic, that “sitting is the new smoking” and that it “kills more people than HIV” and is “more treacherous than parachuting”. Scary stuff.

If you lead a sedentary lifestyle, and your work requires you to sit at a desk for many hours daily, you have an increased risk of developing heart disease, certain types of cancer, diabetes and early death. Your risk is increased if you are overweight, and if you smoke. Continue reading “What Is a Treadmill Desk – Review Of the Pro’s And Con’s”

Night Sweats and Menopause – Sleepless Nights

A very insidious effect experienced by up to 75% of women are night sweats after menopause. This sneaky effect causes sleepless nights, and if you’re like me, you become an insomniac, prowling the house at night, unable to get back to sleep once awake. You may toss and turn, trying in vain to sleep, eventually giving up in frustration, and perhaps like me, beginning a VERY early work day in my home study, or doing chores whilst trying not to wake the household…


The aggravating thing is if you know that you really need to sleep as you have a heavy day ahead of you, and you are VERY tired, and you just cannot sleep. I find this very frustrating.

Night sweats are the result of hormonal changes in your body during peri-menopause or menopause, and are experienced as an intense flood of heat which makes you uncomfortable and wakes you up. Once awake, you may be too uncomfortable to fall asleep, as you may have soggy night clothes or sheets. It may require you to actually change your pajamas and bedclothes. Continue reading “Night Sweats and Menopause – Sleepless Nights”

Hair Color For Women Over 50

Starting to notice a little too much gray in your hair? Some women start going gray earlier than others. For most women, it is a sure sign of aging they are not yet ready to embrace, hence the widespread use of hair coloring products. So, what is the best hair color for women over 50?

To be sure, it is not only older women who color their hair. Years ago, it was more the older women who specifically wanted to cover the gray, but now even young girls use hair color products as a fashion statement.

The earlier you start coloring your hair, the more chance you have of causing damage. When you’re a mature lady, problems can be more severe as there is a natural move towards thinning hair and hair loss due to shifting hormonal balances. It may be best to color less frequently, and with better quality products in this case. If you can’t afford to visit a salon regularly, there are some really good natural brands available that you can use at home. Continue reading “Hair Color For Women Over 50”