I help mature women find balance and passionate purpose in body, soul, and spirit through midlife and beyond

So you’re just a girl…eh, woman…trying to find your feet in an ever-changing, slipping, sliding and messy world. Midlife sucks, or at least it’s like an uncomfortable shoe which looked all shiny and spicy when you bought it, but hurt when you tried to wear it for more than 5 minutes! Well, maybe this is a little melodramatic, but you get my drift?

If you find yourself in midlife (born 1972 and before), you’ll be right at home here. Or if you’re looking for advice on the best diet for menopausal women…Maybe you’re wondering, on a more serious note, where exactly you fit into the grand scheme of things, being no longer young, but not old either? The childbearing years are largely over (unless you’re planning a menopause baby?!), and you are not yet the revered wise counselor and mentor that the older ladies are. Where exactly does that leave you? What is your PURPOSE for this phase of life?

There are more questions than answers in your life right now. Life seems complex and hard to navigate. You’ve been noticing some niggling changes in your health…your body is NOT what it used to be. You don’t look and feel like you did 5 short years ago.


There is so much growing you can still do, in the 3 major spheres of your life, Body, Soul and Spirit, that you may end up finding that this rest of your life will be the best of your life! That is my aim to deliver with this site, a resource specifically for the amazing, mature woman that you are. There are sites galore for babies, children, teens, young mothers and even senior women (which you are not yet), but not much for middle-aged women, unless it’s about all the health issues that can befall you. Depressing…

Time to take back our power, ladies! Talk about the tough issues. Support each other in this journey. You will find the below and more in the blog.

  • What to do when all your “little chickens” have flown the coup? Your nest is empty, and you’re feeling a little empty too? Or maybe, excited to spend more time on you?
  • What can you do about the menopause symptoms that are driving you crazy? And the sore feet, and other random health changes…
  • How can you relate to your husband again, now that the children are gone and it’s back to you two?
  • Can you learn new stuff again? After years in the same job, is it time for a change?
  • How to take charge of your stuttering health – you’ve got a sneaking suspicion that NOW is the time to address all your niggles.
  • Menopausal women are notoriously prone to depression – how to get out of the pit you may find yourself in, and renew your sense of purpose in life.
  • How can you address the saggy body bits? The parts that have taken on a life of their own during menopause…menopause belly anyone? ☹
  • Getting fit again after years of inactivity…Ouch, ouch and ouch?


I’m Natalie, and I’m a mature woman myself. I’m a 60’s baby, and a Generation Joneser… ”a what?”, you say. Yep, just found that one out myself! It means that I’m a “Baby Boomer”, yet not really a Baby Boomer. I was born at that end of the boomer period, and so we (born 1956 – 1964) have been put into a separate generation. More on that here if it interests you!

Spicy stuff about me? Hmmm…met my husband when I was 15 (unusual yeah?), and we’ve been married over 30 years. It’s not always been easy. No relationships are. But I do know a thing or two about long-term relationships.

Got married young, but started a family 8 years later, so was always in the category of “older mommy”. My youngest is 18 years old (2019), and the older two are 23 and 26. Semi-empty nest right here. Many of my peers are already fully qualified empty-nesters.

Qualified as a personal trainer at age 41 in a class of 19-year-olds – I always tend to make things difficult for myself! (I run classes for older or very out-of-shape people).

With my degree in Psychology, I’ve taught large classes of over 30 teenagers life skills and PT, and worked in various corporations, mainly in HR and IT. Stopped work to take care of my children after baby number 3 was born. Like you, there have been seasons in the sun and in the rain…

I’ve had a loaded gun stuck in my face twice. This experience changes you. God has spared me to fulfill my life purpose.

This is a part of it.

With love and blessings,