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Depression in Menopause may be Your Ultimate Wake-Up Call to Shake up Your Life and Live Happily Ever After

Depression, as we all know, is a serious matter and can be life-threatening at it’s worst. This post is particularly geared towards women who have not experienced prior depression to any serious degree before but are suddenly confronted with what seems like depression in menopause. If you have a family history of depression, or have […]

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Fit Finances

How do you know if you have fit finances? I would imagine that there are many answers to this question! Indeed, what would determine if you are in a healthy financial state? It cannot depend on how much “stuff” you own if you owe money on the stuff. Owning fancy cars and houses and other […]

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About Me

So you’re just a girl…eh, woman…trying to find your feet in an ever-changing, slipping, sliding and messy world. Midlife sucks, or at least it’s like an uncomfortable shoe which looked all shiny and spicy when you bought it, but hurt when you tried to wear it for more than 5 minutes! Well, maybe this is […]

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